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Swanbourne Beach Residence

This beachside residence boasts uninterrupted coastal views from the kitchen. With this in mind, Humphrey Homes wanted to create beautiful natural hues throughout the kitchen and house to complement the natural
environment on the home’s doorstep. Corian® Witch Hazel gave these lovely sandy, earthy hues to the kitchen. It worked with the natural textural palette used throughout the kitchen. Oak cabinetry was used to provide a natural texture and add contrast to the matt finish lacquered cabinetry. Sandy white beaches, driftwood hues and textural elements provide a calm kitchen in this open plan living area.

Corian® was chosen as it gave a warmth to the kitchen that stone could not. It has a wonderful satin finish that works so well texturally. Corian® allowed the team to curve the sides of the kitchen island, and create a custom fluted detail in the island, that was integral to the overall luxurious aesthetic that the client wanted.

Achieving the curved fluted detail to the front and sides of the kitchen island bench was a time-consuming process. It required multiple samples to make sure the fluted detail, when heated to curve, did not open up the
fluting. Different sizes were tried and tested to fulfil the finish of the kitchen island. The client was ecstatic with the end result and this luxurious but practical finish will stand the test of time.

“Corian® can be used in some situations that natural stone or engineered stone cannot. Fluted details are particularly very difficult in brittle products, whereas Corian® really lends itself to this finish.” said Joie from Humphrey Homes.

This private home attracted over 1000 visitors over two weekends, when it was briefly open to the public. The response to the kitchen, in particular the fluted Corian kitchen island, were overwhelmingly positive.



Project Details

Design By: Humphrey Homes
Photography: Peter Ellery

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