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The Avenue

When it comes to home renovations, it’s not just about the visual appeal but also about functionality, durability, and most importantly, the lifestyle it supports. Situated on the south coast, “The Avenue” is a prime example of how a full home renovation can be seamlessly blended with design and practicality.

Taking inspiration from its coastal surroundings, “The Avenue” by Concepts by Gavin Hepper showcases soft, timeless curves complemented by a neutral color palette punctuated with warm timber highlights. These design elements provide a sense of calm and relaxation which perfectly aligns with the property’s location.

Through extensive floorplan reconfigurations, this once conventional home has been transformed into a beautiful open-plan abode that exudes modernity and light. This makes it ideal for embracing and maximizing the laid-back south coast lifestyle.

With over 27 years of industry experience spanning both design and trade platforms, Gavin Hepper, the Creative Director at Concepts by Gavin Hepper, always centers his designs around functionality.

Corian® was the material of choice thanks to the unmatched versatility, flexibility, and unique ability to curve and thermoform. This allowed for the creation of the kitchen’s centerpiece – a breathtakingly curved island that effortlessly blends the line between art and functionality.

In the kitchen, Corian® Cameo White  was selected, not just for its beauty but also to emphasize the innovation in design and the island’s curved profile.

For the downstairs home bar and entertaining area, Corian® Dune Prima was the preferred choice to instill a more modern wine bar ambiance.

Corian® was also the chosen material for the bathroom vanities and the laundry benchtops. It’s stain-resistant properties coupled with seamless joins ensure a hygienic environment free from germs, viruses, and mold – a vital consideration for any family-oriented space.

Gavin Hepper shares, “Being non-toxic and having Zero Silica ensures that it’s not only safe for our clients in their homes but also for our team during fabrication. This commitment to safety and health is a primary reason we consistently specify Corian® Solid Surface.”

“The Avenue” is more than just a home renovation project. It’s a testament to the power of thoughtful design, the right choice of materials, and the vision of a seasoned professional like Gavin Hepper. It emphasizes that with the right blend of form and function, a home can truly be a sanctuary that reflects both its surroundings and the personalities of those who dwell within.


Project Details

Design By: Gavin Hepper of Concepts by Gavin Hepper
Fabrication: Bentlor Designer Joinery
Photography: Gianne Carlo Chua of GCC Visuals

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