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Elie Tahari

An inviting, dramatic environment at the Elie Tahari Boutique features DuPont™ Corian® solid surface translucent walls for a dynamic design focal point.

The brief:

  • Design an upscale, self-contained, Saks Fifth Avenue in-store boutique that complements the luxury department store’s sleek look, yet provides customers with a differentiating brand experience for Elie Tahari
  • Transform a low-ceiling space into a bright, dynamic design focal point for the store
  • Create an inviting, dramatic environment which enhances the elegant style of the clothes.

Design Challenges:

  • Finding a surfacing material that would enable installation with exceptional fit and finish
  • Identifying a translucent wall cladding material that may be backlit and milled at different depths to achieve multiple layers of transparency and texture
  • Working with a fabricator who could translate the architect’s design drawings into a precise, balanced, non-repeating three-dimensional pattern.


  • By combining state-of-the-art CAD software with an extra large CNC router, the fabricator was able to produce easy-to-install, perfectly-matched 60” wide DuPont™ Corian® solid surface panels with no visible seams or mounting hardware
  • Using translucent Corian® allowed for a series of larger-than-life floral vines to illuminate the 74’ long wall, opening-up the low-ceiling space.
  • Machining two layers of patterns at different gradients in the Corian® helped to create a distinctive wall design that evokes a sense of movement.


  • Corian® surfaces can be carved, backlit and thermo-formed into virtually any design—offering unmatched design flexibility
  • The Corian® translucent colors allows three times as much light to pass through than other Corian® colors, and provides endless design possibilities and illumination effects
  • Corian® is easy to clean, requires minimal maintenance and allows for a virtually seamless appearance.

Project Details

Design By: Lissoni Associati
Fabrication: Evans & Paul
  • Textured Surfaces
  • Translucent

CORIAN® Colours


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