Benson Street


The key to the success of this modern, minimalist kitchen was to split the kitchen island into two equal parts, to allow for good circulation and access. It also created a stunning design statement.

The two feature Corian® islands in this kitchen are mirror images of each other. They have a waterfall at one end and an open, cantilevered benchtop at the other. To help soften the impact of two large islands in the long, narrow space, the front facets have an angled front edge, and to add texture, the island fronts and sides have custom-routed panels.

The back wall was completely reconfigured and a new structural beam added to allow for a longer bench space beneath. This area is flanked by an integrated fridge on one side and tall storage on the other. The pantry was enlarged and finished in similar colours and materials to the kitchen, and an additional fridge and freezer installed to act as an overflow when entertaining.


The existing alcoves at either end of kitchen weren’t deep enough for meaningful cupboards, so were re-purposed with ‘floating’ oak display shelves and LED lighting and left them open.


The movement of Corian® White Onyx helps to make this space feel welcoming and relaxing yet functional. Subtly sculpted and cantilevered, the Corian® benchtop is a beautiful feature in this kitchen. White Onyx is also used on the back benchtop and splashback surround for continuity of materials.

Corian® Colour(s):


  • Benchtops

Design By: Sean Monk of Kitchens by Design NZ

Fabrication: Euro Design

Photography: Samuel Hartnett

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