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Marconi Baby Change

Club Marconi has been a meeting point for locals for over 60 years and is now considered as one of the largest entertainment precincts in the south west of Sydney. With over 45,000 members, Club Marconi has embarked on a 7 year upgrade masterplan of the club.  Stage one has been officially opened after the culmination of five months’ work during the COVID- 19 restrictions.

Tony Maluccio and the team at Dacca Architecture were entrusted with this important first stage of the development which greets members and visitors with a highly impressive renovated foyer and reception area including new amenities.

“The renovation is right on point. It is a five-star feel which flows right through. It has been a long time coming – it is a dream that has come to realisation,” Mr Soligo, club Vice-President said.

With high traffic volume coming through the venue each week, careful consideration to quality materials for durability and maintenance was needed.

Corian® was selected for the reception counters, washplanes and baby change facilities which thanks to the nonporous and hygienic nature of Corian® can be disinfected and cleaned repeatedly without deterioration of the material. The unique properties of Corian® also allowed for the reception counters to be curved adding to the contemporary art deco ambience of the foyer.

Within the amenities, Corian® has been used for the washplanes, and baby change tables with integrated sinks. Being non-porous, mould and bacteria can not harbour in the material. Stains, soap residue and vandalism are never permanent, resulting in a durable, low maintenance amenities set to impress visitors and enhance the user experience.

In the parents room, Corian® provides peace of mind that little ones will be safeguarded with hygienic surfaces custom formed for comfort that are warmer to the touch than stone.

Project Details

Design By: Tony Maluccio and the team at Dacca Architecture
Builder: Odyssey Construction and Fitout
Fabrication: GDK and Everlast Group
Photography: Justin Alexander
  • Baby Change Table
  • Washplane
  • Benchtop

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