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The Runway House

A contemporary residential take on a gallery space. The client wanted the feeling of clean but warm spaces that allowed to not only show off his amazing art, but to also have the spaces themselves feel like works of art.

The fretwork pattern designed by Mark Gacesa, which is used as screen panels throughout the house, was also back routed into various Corian® items such as thermoformed basin vessels and art pedestals that appeared to be clean white and part of the joinery – but when the lights in the space are turned on, it reveals the fret pattern theme.

The Master Ensuite vanity also has a protruding thermoformed sheet of Glacier White that drifts in and out of the counter top to form the basin.

Corian® was chosen because the design needed to be seamless. It needed malleability. It needed the ability to back-rout and illuminate whilst being thermoformed. It needed to be Corian®.

Designer Mark Gasesa says “I know Corian® can handle and out-perform any situation I creatively design it into. I love its reliability.”


Project Details

Design By: Mark Gacesa of Ultraspace
Fabrication: Minka Joinery
  • Integrated Sink
  • Decorative Cladding
  • Integrated Basin
  • Benchtop

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