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Shimmering Inner City Glamour

Di Henshall was enlisted to convert a dark, poky 3 bedroom apartment into the new primary residence for her clients, whom she has worked with previously. Their only brief was to “make this place feel like home”. Di immediately set about gutting the apartment and created a New York loft meets Australian Urbanism style home.

The master suite features a custom made 12mm Corian® vanity with integrated sinks and sleek storage for a luxurious feeling every day of the week.

Corian® has been continued into the guests suite with a seamlessly integrated Corian® Peace basin. Guests will feel at home in this well thought out, cohesive space.

Turning convention on it’s head, Di Henshall has cleverly incorporated a fireplace into the kitchen island, surrounded with Corian® textured surfaces. This is something that is not often seen, especially not in a high-rise city dwelling.  The fireplace adds to the cosiness and comforting effect the apartment exudes.

Space is always a premium in apartment living, but clever storage is in every room, discreetly enclosed in rich timber veneers and behind sliding doors.  Every room affords a spectacular view, if only one could tear one’s eyes away from the gorgeous interior.

Project Details

Design By: Di Henshall Interior Design
Builder: LBB Projects
Joiner: Resident Hero
Fabrication: Modern Nova
Photography: Michael Gazzola architecture photographer
  • Integrated Basin
  • Benchtop
  • Decorative Cladding
  • Textured Surfaces

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