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Rozelle Cottage

This project was an extension to an old workers cottage built in the 1920s. The brief was to create a lower level connected to the garden, which created a mezzanine floor for a new kitchen and dining area that held a higher view over the surrounding suburb. We took cues from the era of the house to create a deco inspired kitchen that felt like it was at the prow of a boat.

Corian® was chosen for its innate ease of maintenance, but also as it was extremely thin. As the kitchen was located on a mezzanine, the view of the kitchen was important from below and we felt a thin format benchtop would be a refined minimalist aesthetic that was not overpowering from the living room vantage point.

The rounded kitchen island benchtop was supported by a steel frame that created a black edge around its thin section, allowing us to lean in to the feeling of a fine Deco design.

“We chose Corian® because of its hardiness and thinness and was not let down by the final outcome. The client loves the easy maintenance of the benchtops.” said Brooke Aitken.


Project Details

Design By: Brooke Aitken and Delphine Hernot of Brooke Aitken Design
Joiner: Pullicino and Sons
Fabrication: SCF Interiors
Photography: Prue Ruscoe
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