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De-Form Wall

The De-Form Wall, a CNC routed Corian® panel wall installed alongside a custom cantilevered stairway, and forms the centrepiece of a new residence designed and project managed by Bijl Architecture. Corian® was then also used for the soffit of the cantilevered stair integrated with the DE-Form Wall.   

The wall panels feature a CNC routed design produced from a detailed digital design and physical prototyping process. The lines which form the design were cut with a specially developed tool in order to produce particular angles and effects, as well as reduce the occurrence of “artefacts’ on the finished surface.

The wall installation needed to be robust as well as beautiful, workable for the design demands, and resistant to UV due to its location under two large skylights over the stair void. Corian® was selected because of its capacity to answer all of the aesthetic, technical and maintenance requirements for the project.

Corian® was chosen for the aesthetic qualities and material integrity it was able to bring to this highly detailed design with respect to colour consistency, luminosity, UV resistance, workability and robustness.

Project Details

Design By: Melonie Bayl-Smith and Vanessa Tang-Lee of Bijl Architecture in collaboration with AR-MA
Joiner: Wilson Constructions and FCI Pty Ltd
Fabrication: FCI Pty Ltd
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