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Dashing Diva

Dashing Diva is an international nail spa brand that opened its first store in Melbourne. As interiors vary from country to country, the brand needed to be adapted to suit the expectations of the Australian clientele. Corian® Glacier White was used on the top and sides of a nine metre long nail bar. This long bar is showcased as the main feature of the store. The joining properties of Corian® provided a monolithic bar with no open joins.

“The durability of Corian® is evident as it resists all spillages and staining. With Corian® we were able to achieve the finish and look that we were after. We were also able to achieve a high level of hygiene throughout the salon – an aspect that Dashing Diva prides itself on”, says Natalie.

The edging finish was also a problem with other materials as a clean smooth finish was required. “We wanted a solid colour appearance but always needed to stick an edge to it, which is such an obvious way of resolving the edge detail. With Corian®, we could run the material down the edge seamlessly and the material suddenly took on a solidity that helped in our design”, says Natalie. Congratulations to Natalie Louey and NL DESIGN Pty Ltd for an exceptional project design!

Project Details

Design By: NL Design
Fabrication: Prosolid
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