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20 May 2020

Introducing the 2020 Colours of Corian®

Corian® Design embraced dynamic aesthetics inspired by nature to form the direction of their 2020 colour range. With visions brought to life from areas as diverse as the forest, mid-century modern design, translucent stone and industrial decor, the 2020 Corian® range offers rich hues designed for every aesthetic. Here, unique possibilities for design styles and applications come to life, enabled by the Corian® Solid Surface 2020 colours.

With fifteen new Corian® Solid Surface aesthetics, interior designers and architects alike find both contemporary design and traditional applications within easy reach. With Aggregate, Terrazzo and Linear, new options are provided with looks that transcend their inspiration.

Aggregate is a natural collaboration with Corian® Concrete, adding visual depth and movement and is imbibed with aggregate particles. Terrazzo embraces a stately mid-century ambience, with Linear offering a clear vision with undeviating striations.

Nuwood and Organics also enjoy updated designs in their celebration of the beauty found within nature. Nuwood brings to life reinterpretations of wood, providing numerous possibilities within the Corian® Solid Surface. The new Organic designs bring fresh colours which provide rich expansion to the flowing aesthetic.

Solid colours are also introduced and revived within the 2020 colours of Corian® range. With Verdant and Laguna both offering directional colour options, these colours can be used either alone or paired with other aesthetics.

Highlights of the 2020 colour range

While every colour released within the 2020 colours of Corian® range offers a rich opportunity for design impact, here’s just a taste of the beauties now available for all kinds of applications.

Neutral Aggregate – Here, the light hue of Neutral Aggregate belies its strong aesthetic. Quiet at first glance, the particles within the surface reveal robust design elements that are visually engaging and complementary. Its pale colour is coordinated to offer a broadened design range, embracing multiple style directions while maintaining its soft flowing background.

Pebble Terrazzo – Defined by a modern industrial look, Pebble Terrazzo’s muted colours and diverse patterning unite to suggest an easy transition of style. With a subtle grey background, angular white particles create impact and texture throughout its surface. Complementary to both contemporary and traditional spaces, Pebble Terrazzo is a modern classic.

Mahogany Nuwood – Sumptuous, classic roots are balanced with a commanding sense of modern style in Mahogany Nuwood. Its warm brown colour and richly grained aesthetic are a beautiful homage to the natural elegance of mahogany, creating a distinct impact and style. This is a timeless colour that works well in both residential and commercial interiors.

Verdant- This beautiful colour finds its inspiration in the intersection of nature and technology. With a soothing impact that suggests cooling forests, attention is drawn through its softened, metallic patina. This duality finds its home amongst all kinds of applications, bringing a modern, fresh sense with it.

Make your space your own

Corian® offers a diversity of applications that makes it the perfect material to bring your interior and exterior visions to life. With a smooth, solid touch and feel and a wide range of visually rich colour palettes, Corian® Solid Surface is a high-performing material that stands the test of time remarkably. Find the colours you need to bring your vision to life with the Corian® range.