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07 Jul 2021

Everyday Extraordinary: Meet 2021’s New Colours of Corian® Solid Surface

When it comes to design opportunities, the new colours of Corian® Solid Surface have thrown open the door to expansion. New looks, combined with the powerful qualities of Corian® Solid Surface, have been created to offer an expanse of dazzling options that promise to take design in new directions, incorporating high performance and high-level beauty.

Corian® is known for its high-tech solid surfacing material that offers high performance and exceptional design. Renowned for its versatility, beauty and almost limitless applications, Corian® is used to transform residential, public and commercial environments. It’s suitable for indoor and outdoor use, adapting beautifully to complement all manners of styles and design aesthetics.

With the release of the new 2021 Corian® Solid Surface colours, there’s more design potential than ever.

The Artista Collection

The Artista Collection sees complexity-generating aesthetics with pronounced veins which are set into neutral grounds. With innovative fine particle design aligned with the latest aesthetic trends, Artista tones complement the existing Corian® concrete and aggregate collections with grey and beige tones. Its tone-on-tone smooth veining pattern offers small, fine grinds, evoking nuanced texture and finishes.

The warm Artista Beige colour is enhanced with similar tones and shades, creating a complex and modern look that adds modernity to this beautiful surface.

The Artista Canvas is a comforting, warm ivory surface, offering a haven for swirling veins set amongst scattered, light-coloured particles.

In the Artista Dust, dark grey, monochrome elements swirl within the dusky background, creating an aesthetic that resonates with multiple design styles for increased versatility.

Finally, the Artista Grey sees enduring grey refreshed with an intricate vein pattern within its surface. Dark veins flow through mid-value grey for innovative appeal and contrast.

The Carrara Collection

Inspired by the eternal marble stone, the Carrara Collection features prominent veins informing a look in cool and warm editions. The resulting colours are effortlessly both classic and modern in their impact. With differentiated aesthetics within Corian® Solid Surfaces, Corian® Solid Surface continues to advance its design leadership amongst global trends. This collection enjoys bold, well-defined veining patterns with large magna grinds.

The Carrara Crema sees a warm beige background enhanced with enticing monochromatic veins, conjuring classic stone in colours that create a sense of welcome and comfort.

In the Carraro Lino, beautiful grey veins course their way through the cool white surface, creating a perfect interpretation of classically inspired stone.

Sparkling Granita

This new colour is as attractive as the name suggests, with translucent and sparkling particles creating an effervescent effect. The fresh white surface works to convey energy and visual depth.

Satisfying the market hunger for quartz-like aesthetics, Sparkling Granita’s white background is the perfect complement to its translucent grinds and sparkles.

River Pearl

River Pearl enjoys a creamy base with layers of opaque and translucent white. Sprinkles of tiny particles add depth and texture to this smooth, evocative finish, catching the light and drawing attention through nuanced, subtle detail.

A national distributor with decades of experience

CASF was established in 1998, bringing decades of experience and a strong reputation for outstanding service into every design project. As the national distributor of Corian®, we provide a seamless solution to a multitude of demands in surface design. Corian® enables imagination to meet the needs of safety and functionality while beautifully adapting to any role. From subtle elegance to the most exotic forms, this is a material created with innovation in mind.