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01 Jul 2021

CASF Launches New 5 Series Washplanes

Always innovating, CASF is proud to launch the new range of Series 5 Corian® Washplanes for public bathrooms. Whether you’re running a hospitality business or a hospital, these ultra-hygienic public wash basins are designed for easy cleaning, flawless visual appeal and generous basin size.

The public bathroom within a commercial building reflects on the business itself. Make a seriously good impression; make your washroom echo your unique brand personality. It’s time to discover the upsides of Corian® 5 Series Washplanes.

The perfect public bathroom solution

For commercial building owners who take pride in both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of restrooms, CASF brings you the ultimate solution. Whether you want larger basins, more space for Airblade systems, soap dispensers and other hand-dryers, or you just want something that’s easy to clean and maintain, the 5 Series Washplanes deliver it all.

Fully customisable to your specifications, you can impress your customers and clients with the sleek, modern designs on offer. Using Corian® surface material – the most hygienic option – these washplanes are germ-resistant, non-toxic and feature no visible joins where bacteria, dirt or dust can gather. For modern bathrooms, the only choice is Corian® Washplanes.

Easy to clean

One of the winning elements of Corian® surface material is that it’s so easy to clean. There are no joins, which means wiping over the surface doesn’t result in germs and contaminants becoming wedged in gaps. It’s also incredibly stain-resistant.

Another feature of the 5 Series Washplanes is the coved internal corners. With no square corners that are notoriously difficult to clean, these new public bathroom sink designs are so simple to keep clean.

No more items in the waste system

The difficulty with maintaining many public washbasins is the drainage hole, which is typically a standard drain. In public spaces, it’s not uncommon for all sorts of objects to be left in the sink, only to end up in the waste system, potentially causing major issues. You can get around this with a grated drain, however, this often impacts the aesthetic appeal in bathrooms that need a little more style.

The concealed drainage on the 5 Series Washplanes is nothing more than a thin strip, meaning no foreign objects can find their way in to cause havoc on the waste system.

More space

Our 5 Series Washplanes give you more space than ever before, with the sleek design allowing for larger basin sizes. Best of all, you won’t have to sacrifice soap dispensers or hand drying equipment because there’s plenty of room for everything. The standard model is designed for 500mm x 375mm wash basins, which still leaves plenty of room for a soap dispenser and tap.
Take advantage of our customisable options – we can work with any size and application. At CASF, we’re all about versatility and maximising the space available.

Find out more about Corian® 5 Series Washplanes

The friendly team at CASF is always available to discuss your needs. We can customise washplanes to fit any interior or exterior space, and we’ve got plenty of colours and designs to choose from. For the most versatile, easy-to-clean public bathroom sinks, look no further than Corian®. Contact us today to find out how we can help to transform your public restrooms.