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18 Jun 2021

A Colourful Bathroom for a Kindergarten Makeover with the Help of Corian®

Whilst Corian® is chosen by adults, it doesn’t mean kids can’t benefit from the bright and bold colour choices. Shikatsu Kindergarten, located in Kitanagoya-shi, opened in 1964, and the bathrooms had not been renovated since. This was an excellent opportunity for a unique design to be created.

The Design Process

Mr Yashushi Suzuki and Ms Mami Tanaka are the designers behind this colourful project. The designers used Corian® as a bright bathroom solution. Several kindergarten teachers mentioned that children were reluctant to use the bathrooms as they appeared to be a daunting and dark space – this was not an ideal scenario during the pivotal time of toilet training. Mr Suzuki and Ms Tanaka used bold and exciting colours, providing an opposite effect.

Kindergarten teachers also mentioned they were worried about fingers being jammed in doors, fearing the children could not use the bathroom independently without it becoming a safety hazard. This is where the idea of the curved doors came in. At first, Mr Suzuki wasn’t sure if this was possible; however, after seeing other examples, he noted that Corian® could be moulded into various shapes. The curved doors still provide a privacy solution without requiring teachers to monitor children when using the bathrooms. The booth heights are based on the children’s size, so teachers can observe for safety when needed. This bold bathroom won the Kids Design Award in FY2018.

Corian® Applications

The rest of the kindergarten is bright and colourful; as this was a renovation, the upgrade needed to work cohesively with the rest of the building. Yellow, green and orange are all used as accent colours in other areas, so the bathrooms were designed with variations of the colours to match. Corian® Solid Surface Citrus Orange and Imperial Yellow are used for the toilet walls, whilst Blooming Green is used for the urinal patricians.

Due to the curvature of the design, there isn’t any room for dirt and grime to build up. During the design process, this was a key consideration. Curves also add a pleasing and fun visual element.

Being in both a bathroom and kindergarten, teachers need to be able to clean regularly. The hard non-porous material of Corian® allows for hospital-grade disinfectants to be used without eroding the product. Whilst Corian® is usually used in flat sheets, the designers worked with the Yamashita Planning Office to create the components of the toilet booths. They were then brought to the kindergarten and put together. Ms Tanaka mentioned how unnoticeable the seams are and how perfectly the material joined together.

Since the renovation has been completed, children are excited about using the bathrooms and often say, “Today, I’m using the orange”. The colour is a great way to get children excited about something that seems daunting and uninteresting.

If you have any questions about how Corian® can be used to fit all spaces, no matter the shape or colour, get in touch with a friendly member of our team on 1300 795 044 or info@casf.com.au.