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28 Feb 2024

Redefining Minimalism: The Corian® Slump Vanity

In the pursuit of modern minimalism, the new Corian® Slump Vanity challenges the realm of bathroom aesthetics with its unconventional design. Its innovative “barely there” basin seamlessly integrates into the sleek countertop creating a visual continuity that exudes sophistication. The absence of bulky fixtures creates an uninterrupted flow of space and contemporary silhouette.

What truly sets this vanity apart is its ingenious approach to water drainage. Rather than relying on traditional drain mechanisms that disrupt the clean lines of the basin, the Corian® Slump Vanity features a discreet slit for water drainage. This subtle yet highly functional design element ensures efficient water flow while preserving the vanity’s minimalist allure.



Crafted with precision and attention to detail, the Corian® Slump Vanity’s smooth, non-porous surface is not only visually striking but also resistant to stains and easy to clean with minimal maintenance. Whether installed in a sleek urban loft or a tranquil spa-inspired retreat, this vanity elevates any bathroom space with its timeless appeal.

Available in a standard 900 x 500 x 12mm size vanity however Corian® also offers custom sizes, thicknesses and even multiple basins to suit individual preferences and design visions. With its seamless integration, innovative drainage system, and timeless aesthetic, this vanity represents a paradigm shift in the pursuit of minimalist luxury.