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15 Jul 2021

A Corian® Operating Room Application at St Vincent’s Private Hospital

St Vincent’s Private Hospital is a fantastic showcase of how Corian® can be used in all industries, no matter the requirements. Corian® has been used in thousands of health care facilities all around the world, such as the Gandel Wing at Cabrini Hospital and Arab Health. St Vincent’s Private Hospital carefully selected Corian® out of a variety of materials.

Selection Process

As the material was needed for the wall lining of the operating room, the team underwent a rigorous selection process to ensure all elements would be accounted for. A prototyping process was completed using a variety of resistance tests involving bacterial, chemical, stain and impact resistance testing. The material chosen needed to withstand any building movements and vibrations. In addition, it also needed to be durable; our ten-year guarantee was a determining factor during the selection process.

Understanding the constant need for operating rooms, a quick installation was also a consideration. Corian® was cut and pre-assembled off-site. This significantly reduced time needed on site and ensured complete accuracy when it came time for installation. The on-site construction began on the 24th of December and took only seven working days for the structure of the operating room to be assembled.

Applications of Corian®

The assurance of cleanliness was imperative due to the hospital’s sterile environment and operating rooms. Along with this, the ease of cleanliness needed to be factored in. Corian® has a hard non-porous surface, meaning that germs have nowhere to take root; the lack of seams doesn’t allow room for viruses and dirt to build up in any cracks. To further implement this feature, a design with radius-formed corners was used to deter any dirt build-up.

Wall washing perimeter lighting was used to distribute light evenly without casting any shadows; whilst doing this, it also enhanced the purity of Glacier White Corian®. Corian® was also used for the doors, providing a durable and hygienic surface.

In addition to the operating rooms, Corian®, in the Aspen colour, was used to create a ‘services reticulation zone’ This zone was created to ensure medical professionals had the sanitary items available and ready before entering the operating room. This application of Corian® was also cut, formed and pre-assembled off-site, significantly reducing site time and increasing the accuracy when installed.

In addition to the hygienic reasons for the use of Corian®, it’s also a non-toxic material. Under normal temperature conditions, it does not release any gas; even if burned, it mainly releases carbon oxides. The smoke that is emitted is optically light and doesn’t contain any toxic halogenated gases – this is an ideal safety feature in a setting such as a hospital. To find out more about the impressive hygiene properties of Corian®, watch this short clip.

If you have a large-scale project that requires the use of a multi-purpose material without compromising on aesthetics, get in touch with our friendly team today on 1300 795 044 or info@casf.com.au.