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01 Aug 2021

A Chic and Design-Led Corian® Centrefold

The versatility of Corian® is highlighted in this project; it’s a favourite material amongst designers that they continuously come back to. Annika Rowson is a renowned and award-winning New Zealand designer who utilised impressive Corian® in this stunning project. Rowson Kitchens is a design and joinery business owned and operated by Annika Rowson and her husband, Brad. The two work together to create stunning interior design landscapes.

The Design Process

This design, in particular, was to be used as the Rowson Kitchen showroom, requiring Annika to showcase materials and their myriad uses in various ways. Annika used a palette of creamy and rich neutral tones in combination with a dark and earthy smoked oak veneer. The show-stopping piece is the Corian® island bench.

Annika notes that she recommends her clients put as much of their budget as possible into a benchtop. We couldn’t agree more. It’s a piece of your kitchen that needs to be durable and hard-wearing. Along with being a practical choice, Corian® is seamless and features integrated sinks allowing for flow throughout the kitchen.

Application of Corian®

During the initial design process, Annika tossed between the colours of Dune Prima and Cirrus White. Ultimately, she chose Cirrus White (E), creating a marble-like effect. The bench top also features a Corian® integrated sink in Sparkling 023. Complementing the bench top, Corian® has also been used for decorative cladding in Cirrus White (E).

To complement the vertical lines with the travertine splashback, the benchtop was hand fluted by Annika’s husband, Brad. The bench was originally meant to be curved, however, after the initial construction, the couple decided the whole bench needed to be fluted as well. The fluting in this space added an organic feel to a traditionally rigid object.

Whilst Corian® is always used right side up, Annika makes a point and flips the material using its underside. This is a regular practice of hers. The resulting unique pattern occurs from the heavier minerals sinking to the lower level, creating a fascinating pattern. Combined with the hand fluting, this makes the benchtop’s unique features stand out even more.

Since completing this project, the couple has decided again to use Corian® for another project. This project again used Corian® in the colour Cirrus White. Although this kitchen is stunning, the large bench top allows for a level of practicality. The integrated sink makes cleaning up a breeze, and the indent gives room for bar stools.

If we’ve piqued your interest in what you can do with Corian® or how it can be moulded to any space, get in touch with our friendly team on 1300 795 044 or info@casf.com.au. Alternately look through our photo gallery for inspiration on how you can use a variety of our products.