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01 Aug 2021

Axix Sinks – The Modern Choice

CASF has recently released a new range of Axix™ sinks, bringing together all the functionality of stainless steel and the flawless finish of Corian® surface material. If you thought you’d already seen the best in modern sink design, be prepared to change your mind.

With a range of colours and finishes to choose from, Axix™ sinks give your kitchen or bathroom a completely revitalised look. Plus, there are plenty of other benefits.

What is the Axix™ sink?

Our brand-new range of Axix™ sinks gives you a choice of completely modern, beautifully designed kitchen and bathroom remodelling options. To the naked eye, the base of the sink is stainless steel, just like any other. However, the walls are Corian® surface material, meaning your benchtop can flow seamlessly into your sink with no visible joins or obstructions.

The fabrication process is completed in our workshop, delivering a watertight solution that handles boiling hot water and looks amazing. The availability of a PVD metallic finish gives you plenty of options depending on your home’s interior style.

Versatility of design

A sink that perfectly blends with your benchtop is the ultimate in understated kitchen and bathroom design. Axix™ sinks are specifically designed to work with Corian® benchtops, providing a seamless transition from bench to sink. Alternatively, Axix™ sinks can be surrounded by a recessed edge to catch water.

Pair your Axix™ sink with modern tap fittings to match the stainless steel base, and you’ll have a beautiful modern style that will impress even the most astute interior designer. Best of all, Axix™ sinks can be custom designed to suit your needs. From a large kitchen sink to a small wash station, CASF can design to your specifications.

No corrosion or tarnishing

The PVD finish is a thin film or coating that gives you an extremely durable and long-lasting surface. While you may assume that durability is weakened by the Corian® sides, the PVD finish used is stronger than stainless steel. There is no additional coating required after this, meaning there’s no possibility of tarnishing or corrosion.

In terms of keeping your sink clean, the Axix® is extremely simple, thanks to the naturally germ-resistant and easy-to-clean Corian® surface.

Insulated protective coating

All of our new Axix™ sinks come with a protective coating on the underside, known as Insusound®. This revolutionary technology insulates the sink, making it easier to retain water heat. It also reduces plumbing noise and any sounds from a waste disposal unit if installed.

A range of colours

If traditional stainless steel doesn’t mesh with your design tastes, you’ll love our range of colours. Not only do you have the option of matching the interior walls of your sink with your benchtop, but you can also choose the colour of the stainless steel. Select from classi stainless steel, gunmetal, copper or gold brass for an exciting, fresh look.

Check out our new Axix™ sinks today

If you’d like to check out the new Axix™ range of sinks, see our product range right here. To find out more about any of CASF’s modern home solutions, contact our friendly team today.