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15 Aug 2021

Lifeless to Light at Central Park Tower Perth: An Innovative Corian® Application

Central Park Tower, located in Perth, Western Australia, has been a defining part of Perth’s skyline since 1982. The refurbishment of the building took place between April 2019 to July 2020. Before the transformation, the lobby area was quite dull and cold, but with this revitalising lift, it was redefined to be light and sophisticated.

The Design Process

Award-winning design and architecture firm Woods Bagot completely revamped and put life back into the building. Before the upgrade, the lobby wasn’t a place for socialising or relaxing; it was purely used for practical purposes. The lobby has now been extended, with Woods Bagot creating a cafe counter that appears to be a large boulder, gently resting in place. For this, the team needed a material that would curve seamlessly in two panels. The designers also wanted to emphasise the sense of community and create a visual connection to the park landscape.

Corian® Applications

Corian® is a material that interior designers continuously come back to time and time again. Woods Bagot used Corian® for the splashback, decorative cladding, and the benchtop. They even added a slick feature of integrated coffee-making equipment into the bench top.

Due to the seamless nature of Corian®, it was easily installed. Corian® allows great flexibility so that, if in the future the bench needs to be taken out, it is a simple process. The bench would only need to have the cutouts filled, or could make space for new equipment. As the large bench top is used for cafe purposes, there is a great need for durability and the highest standards of cleanliness.

The design team used two Corian® colours to create the benchtop. White Hazel forms the base, and then white forms the top. Woods and Bagot were warned that using a Corian® with a strong grain whilst trying to curve it in both directions could make the panel’s seams much more visible. However, due to the teamwork of the installers – Optima Interiors as the joiners and, Productive Plastics as the fabricators – the two worked together to create a very clean seam.

The design of the corian benchtop was completely bespoke and created by Woods Bagot. The benchtop sits with no harsh edges, lending itself to an organic feel. The use of Corian® for the splashback provides a look of unison, giving the bench an anchored finish. Woods Bagot remarked, “We’re thrilled with the unique customisation that Corian® provides.”

This design was executed beautifully and won our very own Corian® Design awards. These awards are given to those who creatively use the medium in their field of expertise. In 2021 this project won the Commercial Award in Edition 2 as well as the Grand Prize.

This project is just one of many that showcases how Corian® can be utilised in all project sizes, no matter the industry. If you have a project in mind that may suit a Corian® solution, chat to one of our friendly team members at 1300 795 044 or info@casf.com.au.