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01 Sep 2021

Creating an Inviting Maternity Ward at Westmead Hospital with Corian®

Westmead Private Maternity Ward underwent a $25 million dollar luxury renovation for its patients’ comfort. For functionality and aesthetic appeal, Corian® is used throughout the entire ward.

The Process

The design was a collaboration between Health Project International, Woods & Warner and Erilyan Construction. Woods & Warner have had extensive experience in both the commercial and residential industry. Additionally, Erilyan construction has worked on many projects, including The Block in 2019. The new development included the following:

  • 34 new maternity ward rooms, all with ensuites
  • 15 maternity ward rooms
  • Eight new parenting ward rooms with ensuites
  • 14 bay special care nursery
  • New education, bath and feed rooms
  • One new birthing suite
  • Refurbishment of six birthing suits
  • New staff stations, offices, utilities and support rooms
  • Indoor and outdoor break spaces.

Traditionally, a hospital setting can feel quite clinical and cold; the design team created the opposite effect by utilising the variety of colour choices offered by Corian® solid surfaces. Corian® Raincloud was used to instil this effect.

Due to the project’s enormity, the budget could quickly blow out of proportion. To avoid this, a mindful and holistic approach had to be considered. This is one of the many reasons Corian® was chosen; it achieves a much higher standard of finish than laminate or stone, which were the alternative choices.

Corian® Application

Corian® was used through the ward in the following applications:

In addition to the affordability and pleasing aesthetic of Corian®, it was also chosen due to its malleability. Being in a hospital, sharp corners and edges are a concern – these hazards are greatly reduced with Corian®, unlike stone and laminate. The rounded edges allow cleaning to be maintained within the sterile hospital environment. Areas that significantly benefit from this are the hand washing Corian basins and baby bathing areas.

Due to the level of transparency and integrated features of Corian®, many LEDs were used; this leaves a warm and cosy feeling on the completed space. The Raincloud hue was used to give a soft and calming feeling to the ward – a design decision to pull away from the traditional clinical feel of a hospital setting.

“The joiner, builder, client and end user all loved working with the product and are really happy with the end result! Corian® has enabled typically clinical spaces to show a warm and homely feel whilst maintaining the high level of WH&S requirements for a hospital environment,” says Sonia Warner of Woods & Warner.

Corian® is a fantastic surface application for any hospital or healthcare facility. It has a hard non-porous surface that doesn’t allow space for germs to root and grow, while the lack of edges also avoids providing germs and viruses to burrow and create a home.

Corian® is one of the most hygienic surfaces and will never permanently stain. It also comes with a ten-year warranty. As a repairable surface, any breaks can be fixed without the entirety of the application needing to be replaced. All of these features and benefits add up to a fantastic decision for any health care facility.

If you’re considering an upcoming large-scale project requiring a budget-friendly approach, contact one of our friendly team members on 1300 795 044 or info@casf.com.au.