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15 Sep 2021

A Luxury Makeover for Club Marconi with Corian®

Club Marconi has been a meeting point for locals for the past 60 years. It is considered one of the most extensive entertainment facilities in southwest Sydney and is home to 45,000 members. This renovation is the result of a master plan upgrade to take place over the course of seven years. Stage one of the master plan cost $2.5 million and was officially opened after five months of work during COVID-19 restrictions. This project has been coming for a long time, and we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it.

The Design Process

The design process was carried out by Tony Maluccion and the team at Dacca Architecture. The design team were given the brief of creating an overall cosmetic uplift. They also wanted to respect and pay homage to the club’s rich history by reflecting this through the design. The team responded to each room’s name while providing a contemporary spin.

Corian® Application

Club Marconi needed to ensure that the product chosen would have long-lasting durability to account for the high volume of members coming through each week. Here, Corian® has been used in Dune Prima specifically for the reception counter, owing to its hygienic purposes. It is an area that is used and cleaned daily without fail. As Corian® is an entirely malleable material, the reception counter edges could be moulded and curved, fitting in with the art deco style of the foyer.

“The renovation is right on point. It is a five-star feel which flows right through. It has been a long time coming – it is a dream that has come to the realisation,” Mr Soligo, club Vice-President said.

Durability was another consideration as to why Corian® was chosen – as this was the club’s first major renovation in a long time, it needs to last. Corian® provides a 10-year warranty on all of our products.

In addition to the foyer, Corian® has been used in the bathrooms in the colour Earth for the wash plane and the colour Aspen with rounded 9310 integrated sinks for the baby change tables. Integrated baby change tables create a seamless and sturdy look as well as great practicality.

Corian® is a hard non-porous surface that prevents mould or bacteria from growing on the materials. Any soap scum, stains of any kind and vandalism will never remain permanent. The surface is completely durable and low maintenance, so hospital-grade disinfectants and cleaners can be used aggressively without eroding any surfaces.

Specifically, in the parent’s room, Corian® was used to give parents the peace of mind that baby change tables are hygienic surfaces and are warmer to touch than stone.

We were so glad to be a part of this expansive and inspiring renovation. If you’re considering using any Corian® products or have questions about how they can be applied to a project, get in touch with a friendly member of our team on 1300 795 044 or info@casf.com.au.