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01 Oct 2021

Celebrating the Winners of the Edition 3 Corian® Design Awards 2021

The Corian® Design Awards enjoy national recognition for their promotion of local designers who put Corian® to creative use within their field of expertise. Launched by CASF Australia in 2006, these prestigious awards celebrate the best in residential and commercial design from across Australia.

Created by DuPont in 1967, Corian® is the original solid surface that embodies endless evolution and elevates the everyday. An unparalleled surface material, Corian® evokes the imagination and craftsmanship of designers around the world, enabling them to bring ideas to life with innovation and excellence.

Corian® is a staple of Australian commercial and residential design thanks to its limitless design capacities. Employed regularly in kitchens, bathrooms, offices, healthcare, education, retail, food service and many more environments, Corian® Solid Surface is a foundational material within interior design and architectural evolutions. With easy installation and maintenance, and a highly versatile application, this material is at home in all environments.

Each year, the Corian® Design Awards are an opportunity to celebrate the ingenuity and expansive creativity which is abounding within the Australian design industry. In the Edition 3 Corian® Design Awards 2021, our winners were chosen for their remarkable and innovative use of Corian®.

Commercial Winner: Australian Space Discovery Centre, SA

Designed by Andrew Staker of JPE Design Studio, the Australian Space Discovery Centre aims to inspire the next generation of the space workforce with stories of innovation, curiosity and technology. Here, young and old alike can learn about Australia’s role in expanding national and international space activities.

Staker employed the colours of Corian® Ash Concrete and Rain Cloud in his work throughout the Discovery Centre. Corian® was chosen for the main central information and reception hub, as the design called for a material that was capable of being formed and moulded in a unique and seamless way. Corian® was able to provide a planetary form, as well as being heavy enough in its appearance to anchor the space.

The Space Gallery celebrates Australia’s contemporary work and excellence in the space sector, and Staker’s use of Corian® materials embodies this innovation and excellence in every element of its physical design.

Residential Winner: Island Retreat

Designed by Mark Gacesa of Ultraspace, a wide range of colours of Corian® were used in this beautiful island retreat. Here, Whisper, Savannah, Neutral Concrete, Neutral Aggregate, Glacier White and Glacier Ice all work together to bring Gacesa’s vision to life.

‘A product with extreme versatility and durability was required to coordinate my elegantly timeless and serene art-based theme weaving through this island retreat project,’ says Gacesa. ‘With all the organic 3D textures, thermoforming and complicated shapes, Corian® was the obvious and only product to be used to achieve my unique and seamless result.’

Limitless design opportunities

These Edition 3 Corian® Design Awards 2021 highlight the limitless potential of Corian®’s Solid Surface products. Learn more about Corian® and how it can bring your design dreams to life.