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01 Oct 2021

A Breathtaking Treehouse Bathroom with Corian®

The Treehouse Bathroom is a unique and individual project that utilises Corian® in various ways. Award-winning designer Mark Gacesa doesn’t shy away from challenging traditional layouts; this bathroom, in particular, is completely reimagined. It’s one of a kind with an array of features.

Design Process

Originally this property contained two dwellings. This allowed Mark to sacrifice two of the bedrooms on the upper level, creating a spacious master suite with a connecting ensuite and walk-in robe. During the design process, Mark and his team needed to take a mindful approach regarding where the location of the plumbing. Despite this limitation, Mark worked cleverly with the layout, so the double shower head was positioned behind the bedhead. This strategic positioning allows for an ocean view through plexiglass with Corian® sills.

Mark noted that he wanted to create a feeling a specific feeling through the ensuite – one similar to being on a balcony, showcasing how it opens up the beautiful surroundings of trees and ocean views. The team worked to open up the two vertical portal frames that created a 4m wide window. The window’s lower section is completely frosted for privacy; however, at the touch of a button, it un-frosts and opens up to a complete view of the ocean. In addition to this, there is a fully automated concealed roller blind for added privacy.

Corian® Applications

Corian® is used throughout this bathroom. The colours Whisper, Savannah and Neutral Concrete have been used. Corian® is displayed through decorative ceiling cladding, drawers, an integrated basin and a benchtop.

The bathtub sits within a Corian® platform; the bath wall is recessed with finely fluted Corian®. Flutes can be created with any Corian® colour.

A showstopping piece of custom Corian® art sits on top of the bath wall. This art consists of oval shapes reflecting the shapely mirrors and custom-splayed Corian® door and drawer pulls that are dappled throughout the project. This bespoke piece doubles as a transparent room divider between the ensuite and robe, illuminated by a custom Corian® lightbox on the ceiling.

Sitting behind the Corian® bath wall is a custom drawer unit that consists of a ‘floating’ Corian® top and reeded Polytec Calcutta. This unit features timber grain with Corian® beading edges and splayed Corian® drawer pulls. This design flows throughout the master bedroom.

Design Awards

The unique bathroom has won several awards, including our very own Corian® Design Awards in 2021 for the residential category of Edition 3 and the Grand Prize. We love the way it showcases the use of Corian® in the bathroom and the rest of the home. Additionally, the bathroom itself won the 2022 HIA-CSR Australian Housing Awards, taking out Bathroom of the Year.

This bathroom offers endless inspiration to anyone considering a bathroom renovation or is in the middle of planning one. If you have any questions about how you can utilise Corian® for your specific needs, get in touch with our friendly team on 1300 795 044 or info@casf.com.au.