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08 Oct 2021

A CASF Makeover of the Department of Communities and Justice Offices

With two Department of Communities and Justice offices requiring a revamp, it was a natural choice to use Corian® surfaces and CASF timber. Read on to find out more.

The project

Julie Roberts and the team from MKDC were tasked with reinventing the Joondalup and Mirrabooka offices of the Department of Communities and Justice. Both of the offices were undergoing significant remodelling, and there were a few key focuses for Julie and the team.

Firstly, the public spaces needed to use durable surfaces that were also low maintenance. As a public area, surfaces need to be kept clean and hygienic with as little effort as possible. They also wanted to utilise timber throughout the office to add warmth – previously, there were a lot of laminates used in the space, and they wanted a more natural look.

Overall, the focus was on combining easy maintenance, durability and aesthetic appeal all in one. Fortunately, CASF was able to provide all of that and more.

CASF Timber

As this project called for plenty of timber, the team needed to find innovative ways to bring this into the office design. CASF timber was used for some beautiful overhead structures in the tea room and staff hub areas. The light tone of Ash timber was selected, and it plays perfectly with the overhead lighting and hanging plants.

The same timber was used for communal benchtops, tables and surrounds in the open office areas, bringing the colour scheme and natural timber feel together. Trims to whiteboards and pinboards also used Ash timber from CASF.

CASF timber was chosen for its capacity to be modelled into any shape required. Using 42mm wide staves that are finger-jointed together, benchtops can be made to any specifications desired. Best of all, because each piece is solid timber, the knots and grain variations create an authentic, natural look, unlike laminates.

Corian® surfaces

Corian® was used as the main reception and service counters as well as benchtops in the kitchens. A mix of colours creates a fresh palette and allows delineation across the spaces, while thermoforming allows for sweeping curved reception and concierge counters.

These are of particular note. Thermoforming is a process where Corian® Solid Surface is shaped in wooden or metal moulds to create curved surfaces and other shapes. In this instance, embossing techniques were also used to create a classy aesthetic befitting a modern government office.

The beauty of Corian® surfaces is the durability and ease of cleaning. There are no visible joins in Corian® benchtops and service counters, meaning keeping them clean is an absolute breeze. In that respect, the material certainly ticks a major box for this project.

Need more information?

If your commercial offices need a revamp, CASF is here to help. With a massive range of CASF timber products, as well as surfaces such as benchtops, thermoformed reception desks and other customised items, you can’t go wrong with CASF. If you’re working on improving any space, public or private, check out our range of products today. We always offer honest, specialist advice for any project you’re working on. Contact us to find out how we can help.