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27 Feb 2022

Discover the Beauty of Corian® Vanity Tops

Check out the latest range of Corian® vanity tops from CASF. The new collection features a range of stunning designs that are easily configurable for any interior space. From small wash stations in bathrooms to commercial applications like healthcare, our vanities merge pleasing aesthetics with high functionality.

Beautiful options for the home

Corian® vanity benchtops have many properties that homeowners love. For starters, there are no visible joins, it’s an easy material to clean and comes in a range of colours and textures. Our range includes several innovative designs that are perfect for the modern residential home. Best of all, there’s something for every space. We offer everything from large vanity tops to small wash stations.

If you’ve got something special in mind for your bathroom, ask us about custom benchtop designs. We can work with your ideas and come up with a stunning design that’s truly unique to your home.

Commercial vanity top designs

Benchtops made with Corian® are designed for use in all environments where hygiene is paramount. Being germ and virus-resistant, easy to clean and completely non-toxic makes it the perfect choice for sensitive spaces.

Popular commercial uses for beautiful Corian® benchtops include:

  •       Aged care facilities
  •       Hospitals
  •       Laboratories
  •       Hospitality venues
  •       Retail
  •       Commercial kitchens
  •       Plus, many more

Don’t take any risks where health and hygiene are concerned. Choose Corian® and experience the difference today.

Why choose Corian®?

Corian® is made from 2/3 natural minerals and 1/3 acrylic binder, making it the ultimate in modern surface design. Easy to maintain and work with, sheets of Corian® can be cut and fitted on-site, with seamless joins. This opens up a world of possibilities in every room of the house or commercial space for a wide range of surface applications.

In the bathroom, Corian® vanity tops offer a host of benefits.


Worry no more about vanity stains with Corian®. It’s one of the most stain-resistant surface materials available and is easy to clean. With no gaps in the joining process, there are also no places for dirt, mildew, germs or viruses to hide.

When it comes to cleaning, a simple microfiber cloth and soapy water is all you need. As Corian® is a solid material, unlike composite surface materials, the colour and textures run through the entire thickness and therefore cannot wear or fade.

Easily repairable

If you crack or chip most surface materials, you’ll have trouble repairing it. Usually, it requires  replacing the entire surface, but with Corian, repairs are easy. Even chips can be repaired easily, with no visible evidence of damage.

Non-toxic and environmentally friendly

If you want environmentally friendly products for your home, look no further than Corian®. It is manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring limited waste and energy consumption. The material and adhesives used for installation are Green Guard Indoor Air Quality Certified.

Corian® is also an inert and inactive material, which means it emits no gases under normal temperatures. Even if the material was burned, it would only release carbon oxides with no toxic halogenated gases.

Try Corian® vanity tops for yourself

There are many more reasons that Corian® vanity tops are the perfect choice for your home. Check out our extensive range today, or contact our friendly team for more details. With CASF, beautiful vanities are just the beginning. Make your bathroom reflect your personality.