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15 Jul 2022

How Corian® is Building a Sustainable Future

In 2022, one of the crucial measures of responsible production is a product’s sustainability. Corian® Design is working alongside the international community who are seeking a sustainable tomorrow; we’re all working to enable people to thrive at home and in their communities for years to come.

In order to make this vision a reality, Corian® has planned a sustainability approach over the next decade. Inspired by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, these solutions contribute to solving climate change, driving the circular economy, delivering safer solutions and helping communities to grow and thrive.

When our customers choose Corian® Solid Surface, not only do they receive a surfacing product that is aesthetically rich and practically superior, but they’re also making a positive contribution to our role as human caretakers of the natural environment.

Enabling circularity

The circular economy has the potential to be a major ongoing contributor to sustainably approaching product creation within a harmonious framework. Designed to tackle global challenges including climate change, circular economies reduce material use, redesign materials to be less intensive in terms of the resources they require for production, and utilise waste as a resource in and of itself.

Corian® Solid Surface contributes to the goal of a global circular economy through the use of a product for as long as possible, as well as within the shorter loops of material circulation – in essence, a focus on reuse, repair, upgrade and refurbishment. As Corian® Solid Surface is a highly durable product, designed not only to last longer but to be easily repaired, its use in interior design, architecture and furniture unlocks potential for resource savings.

With a range of colours with between 5-20% pre-consumer recycled content and a zero landfill status globally for manufacture since 2011, Corian® Solid Surface is designed for a sustainable future.

Promoting transparency

Corian® Design’s commitment to sustainability is demonstrated by independent awards and certifications that note its environmental and hygienic performance. Each product has Product-Specific Type III Environmental Product Declarations, which are the most credible, independently verified information about the life-cycle environmental impact of our products.

Corian® Solid Surface is Red List free. A Red List free status means companies have disclosed 100% of ingredients that have been found to obtain no Red List chemicals at notable levels. Products with the Red List Free label comply with the Living Building Challenge’s goals of ingredient transparency and elimination of harmful Red List chemicals. There is no Crystalline Silica in any Corian® Solid Surface, removing the risk of exposure to harmful silica particles.

Reducing impact

As a part of the manufacturing process, Corian® Design is committed to minimising environmental impact. Our North American plants use 100% renewable energy sources for all material they produce and also participate in the Responsible Care program of national and international chemical industry associations.

A brighter future together

By providing a product that’s designed and manufactured with sustainability at its core, Corian® Design enables a generation of interior designers, architects and furnishing companies to build for the long term without sacrificing creativity.

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