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02 Sep 2020

CASF Timber Modernises the HBF Perth Office

HBF needed to bring their Perth office into the modern world and tasked design team Geyer with bringing the remodelling project together. Taking a tired office and creating a much more modern, visually appealing workplace was top of the agenda, with a big focus on creating a healthy work environment. Along with many other contemporary design elements, Corian® surfaces and CASF Timber were used to great effect throughout the office. Here’s how the project came together.

The project

HBF was looking to remodel their office in Perth, aiming to turn it into a modern workplace that encourages a healthy working environment. Like many companies, HBF puts an emphasis on employee health, and this was definitely evident in the scope of the office renovation.

Part of the remodelling project involved ensuring staff had access to sit-stand desks, promoting more movement throughout the day. In addition, HBF also wanted exercise areas, end-of-journey facilities and a trendy, modern aesthetic. Geyer was the design company charged with bringing everything together, and they looked to CASF for the very best materials.

CASF Timber

CASF Timber is constructed using 42mm wide staves, finger-jointed together to create surfaces of any size and shape. It is known for being easy to clean and maintain, and because every piece used is solid timber, the knots and grain variations give it a very modern yet natural look.

For the HBF offices, European Oak CASF Timber was chosen as the main material for breakout space tables and chair trims. The result is extremely pleasing to the eye, especially when combined with Corian® surfaces. The interesting flooring used throughout the office combines hardwood timber and also colourful carpet. With diverse and unique furniture spread throughout, the result is an extremely modern look.

The colour scheme of the office is very eclectic, and the timber surfaces provide a great balance against some of the brighter tones. The result is a very clear combination of modern and natural elements, and best of all, the timber surfaces can be cleaned easily with no gaps for germs, dust and dirt to gather.

Corian® surfaces

Speaking of being easy to clean and maintain, Corian® was also used throughout this project. Corian® surface material is easy to wipe down and look after. It’s stain-resistant and is also an extremely healthy option – it emits no gases and is non-toxic. In terms of creating a healthy workplace, this is a big win for the design team.

The beauty of Corian® surfaces is the wide colour palette. In this case, the contrasting Dove and Glacier Ice colours were used to stunning effect, combined with the European Oak timber to create additional depth to the colour scheme.

Need more information?

When you’re looking for the best modern office materials, look no further than CASF. Specialising in Corian® surfaces and CASF Timber, we can provide design teams and builders with durable, hard-wearing solutions that also look amazing. From reception counters to workstation desks and kitchen bathrooms to innovative bathroom surfaces, CASF has something for all parts of the commercial office. Contact the friendly team at CASF today, and we’d be more than happy to discuss how we can help with your office revamp.