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23 Jan 2021

2020 Corian Design Award Grand Prize Winners Announced

Celebrating the best Corian® designs in 2020, ten projects were shortlisted.

We have seen designers pushing the limits of Corian® across all categories and the innovative and imaginative use of the material to enhance and elevate key design elements creating unique and thought provoking appeal.

And the winners are…


Designed by Brooke Proctor of PDT Architects

What the judges said:

“The organic shapes of this project serve to highlight the seamless way Corian® can be used to make complex forms for unique designs. The tree analogy is quite apparent with the way the Corian® furniture object branches out and folds into desks, benching and cushioned seating. The design narrative is strong and Corian® was the perfect material to help realise the design.”

“By using Corian® to create these moulded, cohesive forms, the Architects’ transformed the central space into a more intuitive collaborative environment.”

Mosman Court

Designed by Andrew Gull of Gull Design in collaboration with Blake Sheridan of Blake Sheridan.

What the judges said:

“The designers continuation of materiality throughout a number of spaces offering seamlessness where you would want it in a home is well executed. Compliments also for the detailing to kitchen island bench showcasing the material and its slenderness. ”

“The use of Corian® used throughout this project showcases beautiful craftsmanship, through its clean and crisp lines. Executed with precision and purpose – The minimalist approach creates a visual lightness, and the selection of colours bring a lovely sense of warmth to each space. Practical, yet refreshing and inspiring.”