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Lumiere Cosmetics Clinic

Lumiere Cosmetic Clinic is one of Sydney’s largest medical aesthetic institutions thanks to the recent expansion of the clinic.  The newly appointed Level 3 is the latest addition to the original Lumiere Cosmetic Clinic. Level 3 has inherited some of the original design style of the clinic such as the use of timber, white and grey colours and concealed minimalist lighting but also incorporated Corian® White Onyx for the curved elements which is a signature of Tian Design.

For Tian Design, when working with high class projects like Lumiere Cosmetic Clinic, Corian® is the first consideration over traditionally used materials such as timber, metal and stone to create the curved counters. The seamless integration and thermoformability of Corian® matched the design requirements perfectly, creating a warm and inviting environment for patients while still enabling high hygiene standards to be maintained.

The focus of the design for Lumiere Cosmetic Clinic Level 3 is on the customer experience. The fine details are designed with heart and careful consideration for the users while showcasing the quality of Lumiere brand.

The use of Corian® White Onyx radiates a sense of lightweight luxury which continues through from the reception desk and feature wall to the nurses station and vanity tops and full height splashbacks.

Project Details

Design By: Tian Design
Joiner: Tian Chen of Tian Design and Art
Fabrication: SCF Interiors
Photography: Twenty Interior

– Decorative Wall Cladding
– Benchtop

CORIAN® Colours


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