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Australian Space Discovery Centre

In a rapidly growing industry, the Australian Space Discovery Centre at Lot 14 provides the public with the unique opportunity to explore and learn all that the space industry has to offer. Cementing South Australia as the home of space this unique facility is designed around the idea of Earth & Space and Light & Dark and how the materials used can reflect these ideas. Contained within a small overall footprint the variety of spaces on the Ground Floor of the heritage McEwin building includes Mission Control, Space Discovery Exhibition, Industry Showcase, Mission Control Theatrette & The Careers & Information Hub of which Corian has been heavily used as the main feature of the central information desk.

In the design of the main central information and reception bench, JPE needed a product that was able to be formed and moulded in a unique, seamless way; one that could provide a planetary form as well as a material that was heavy enough in its appearance to anchor the space.

Corian® was the ideal material as the sheer size of the bench meant that it had to be placed into position in pieces and then seamlessly joined to allow the overall form to appear as though it had begun as a solid block that was carved by hand.

“It was a first for me to use Corian® in such a large scale piece and from the experience is a product that was perfect for the application.  Corian® was the perfect choice to achieve the form and seamless finish we were looking to achieve. Ideal Acrylics did an amazing job provided the seamless finish between the Ash Concrete top and the Rain Cloud curved front. It is a unique central bench that all users can touch and feel with its perfectly smooth finish and one that will help to provide an inspiring space.” Said Andrew Staker.

Project Details

Design By: Andrew Staker of JPE Design Studio
Builder: SHAPE
Joiner: JRCM Commercial Joinery
Fabrication: Ideal Acrylics
Photography: David Sievers
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  • Benchtop

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