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White Grotto

Created by Hong Kong-based studio Ida & Billy, the ‘White Grotto’ washroom aims to become a benchmark in the commercial and retail sectors for sustainable design. Situated in the commercial center of Guangzhou, China, the Taikoo Hui is a mixed-use complex incorporating a shopping mall, two A-grade office towers, a hotel, and serviced apartments.

The new washbasin counter is an all-in-one station. The Glacier White Corian® counters curves up to join the LED lighting strip, mirror, and ceiling as one integral piece, with a tree-shaped icon.

Minimum alterations were made to the original layout, minimising structural and piping alterations. The project consists of three corridors of cubicles, washbasins, and urinals. The wall coverings were removed, discovering round and tilted square columns that were painted to form a homogeneous white mass to engage the space with a unique shape. The space feels bright and clean with the walls joining the ceiling smoothly.

Ambient lighting compliments the indoor plants which are grown to purify the air, raise indoor oxygen level, and add life and colours of nature. Irrigation is from grey water collected from the wash basins, supported by a local filtration system, while waterless urinals, water-saving and vacuum toilets save water and reduce waste. The Dyson Airblade taps included an integrated hand dryer, saving space, paper towels, and avoiding dripping water.

Project Details

Design By: Ida & Billy
Photography: All images courtesy of Ida & Billy

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