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Walter Burley Griffin’s Bush Capital

GREENBOX were engaged by a global tech giant client, who were new to the Australian market to create their workplace in Canberra, ACT. The innovative and collaborative 1400sqm environment supports around 100 of their people to drive their global partnerships and networks.

Corian® achieved the design aspirations of the circular element and overhead lighting by responding to the precise curves and angles and encasing the exacting specifications of the custom-designed lighting system. It created the perfect finish needed – a durable, easy to clean product where the light bounced off the surfaces yet created a warm and tactile element. Corian® is so structurally stable that it allowed minimal support so space around it could be maximised, whilst also avoiding visible joins which gave it a smooth, continuous finish.

Marco and the team at GREENBOX connected the meaning of Canberra (a word for ‘meeting place’ in the Ngunnawal language; one of the Indigenous languages spoken in the district) as an imperative part of the clients’ workplace environment. Walter Burley Griffin’s clear and systematic design for Canberra’s city connection points is embraced by the circular shape of one of the workplace’s key features – the central cocoon. The choice of white Corian® – used for the shell, core and top of the cocoon – represents a cloud, like a secluded thinking space. Located in the the open space area, the Corian® cocoon provides a clear and comfortable meeting place. Harboured from the rush and intrusion of passersby, it’s the ideal breakout space to communicate with guests and colleagues, or a place to catch up online and read. A space between each upholstered seat is designed for coffee cups to sit flat on the surface. Green upholstery reflects nature and pays homage to Walter Burley Griffin’s love of earth and landscape.

“Working with Corian® was better than we ever imagined. Corian® placed no limitations on the design. The client was very happy with the easy maintenance surface which takes in the warmth of the sun and reflects the mood of the day. Corian® is extremely mouldable and versatile allowing you to create anything you want. You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to using Corian®. Our client was on board with the idea of the cocoon from the start of the project and loves the finished result.”

“Creating a heart within the workspace was a driver to bring together the agile workforce and as a place for informal and formal meetings, or just a place to catch your breath and take a break. The circular cocoon element brings everyone together – from team, to individual to visitors and we realised that it was Corian® that could bring our design to life.” Marco Vasquez

Project Details

Design By: Marco Vasquez of GREENBOX Architecture
Builder: Shape Australia
Joiner: Maneto Pty. Ltd.
Fabrication: Palette Solid Surface
Photography: Adam McGrath from Hcreations
  • Corian Seating
  • Decorative Cladding
  • Decorative Cladding

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