Reef Hotel, Hamilton Island

The brief from the client was for an abstract feature wall that incorporated curvature.

Poco Design along with Inform Tops and created the ‘Curtain wall’, which is 10.76m high by 11.30m long.



6mm Corian® was chosen for this project due to the ease of thermoforming and the durability of the material. Not only is Corian® easy to care for, it is also striking and aesthetically pleasing. While the creation of the wall was labour intensive, the end result has surpassed the client’s expectation.

Additionally, Corian® has been incorporated into the reception counters throughout the lobby creating cohesion within the space.

Sinuous organic forms, textured surfaces, tremendous color range, and brilliant lighting effects — nothing an imaginative designer can envision is beyond the capabilities of stylish, durable, easy-to-maintain Corian® solid surface.

Corian® solid surface brings the same beauty to walls and vertical surfaces as it does to counters, tables, and bars. Endlessly smooth to the touch, a wall panel in Corian® gives elegance and a reassuring permanence to any space, and, with various creative techniques, Corian® solid surface can be transformed into a work of art.

When designing a high-visibility area that simply must have that “wow-factor” or a high-traffic area that needs to withstand heavy use and still look like new; wall panels, partitions, and interior cladding created with Corian® deliver the ideal combination of functionality and beauty. 


Corian® Colour(s):


  • Decorative Wall Cladding
  • Benchtop

Design By: Parise Chryssavgis and the team at Poco Designs

Builder: Hamilton Island Construction

Fabrication: Inform Tops

Photography: Justin Blank for Hamilton Island Construction

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