Ego Pharmaceuticals HQ

In keeping with the project’s interior of soft curves and ‘liquid’ shapes, mimicking the products of Ego, Corian® was chosen for a dramatic, seamless, fluid appearance, as a centre piece in the new Ego Pharmaceutical headquarters.

Ego HQ (4)

Spanning across three floors, the Corian® cladding blends fluidly with other materials from floor to ceiling. 

Ego HQ (1)

Ego HQ (2)

Ego HQ (3)

Corian® Colour(s):


  • Staircase Cladding

Design By: Stair design: Daniel Noy, Architect; David Lawrence of Crosier Scott Architects

Builder: Hacer Group

Fabrication: Deadwood

Photography: Darren Nunis- Ego Pharmaceuticals

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