Canberra Centre Amenities

In the latest installment of the extensive renovations to Canberra Centre, Mather Architecture chose to use Corian® washplanes throughout the amenities. Corian® Dove was selected for the washplanes, integrated splashbacks and benchtops.

Corian®  washplanes are totally non-porous. Corian® washplanes capture the majority of water splash caused by hands and have seamless joins and integrated splashbacks….therefore nowhere for mould to build up.

 Corian®  washplanes are not as susceptible to edge chipping like a stone benchtop, but if damaged Corian® can be easily repaired on site. Likewise, graffiti and other vandalism can be removed by cleaning or polishing, if required.

Being non-porous, repairable and stain resistant means there is less expenditure on maintenance. With proper cleaning, the Corian® surfaces will continue to look like new for years to come.

Corian® Colour(s):

Design By: Jeremy Mather and the team at Mather Architecture

Fabrication: Capital Solid Surface

Photography: Aathri Ayyar Biddle of Light Studies

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