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Bad Kissingen Tourist Information Centre

Bad Kissingen has a new Tourist Information Office that provides visitors of the Lower Franconian town with a comprehensive range of information and services in a setting inspired by the theme of water. The main feature in the arcade building, set in the Bad Kissingen spa gardens, are long counters made in Corian® Solid Surface that wind in curves along the room in flowing shapes and representing water – the healing element of this spa town. It is the water from seven healing springs in Bad Kissingen that has led to the success of the city as a health resort. The waters are served in the Wandelhalle (the foyer) for a soothing effect, can be inhaled in the Gradierbau (salt works) and you can immerse yourself in them in the KissSalis Therme.

In the entrance area of the Bad Kissingen Tourist-Information centre, the architects of archicult from Würzburg decided to welcome visitors to the healing waters of the spa town with the installation of drop-shaped lamps. To convey the liquid nature of this fundamental element, the new Tourist Information office features curving counters made of Corian® Solid Surface.

However, the word “counter” is reductive: these furnishing elements develop like waves through the space in all three dimensions, providing an ideal display and showcase for information material, a seating solution and reading area, as well as a practical shelf and writing surface. Most importantly, they are barrier-free.

With the expertise of companies Grabner Design and Moser GmbH, the long counters in Corian® Solid Surface were made using 4500 single parts that were pre-assembled and transported to their destination, where they were then installed. The result sets new standards throughout Europe in terms of complexity, shape and size. The elements were created by the architects of archicult in collaboration with a sculptor, using digital instruments for visualisation and implementation.

The creation of this figurative language was not only to vividly represent the nature of water, but also to give the spa town of Bad Kissingen a trend-setting image by using an innovative approach to interior design.

The design for the furnishing elements of the Bad Kissingen Tourist Information centre required practicality, thus the decision to use Corian® Solid Surface. In order to implement the irregular sinuous shapes and to enable a seamless assembly of the 4500 large puzzle pieces on site, a thermoformable material was necessary. Also, Corian® Solid Surface does not entail cost-intensive moulds – as occurs with cast materials – and has zero emissions, is enduring and can be easily repaired in case of damage.


Project Details

Design By: archicult
Fabrication: Grabner Design and Moser GmbH
Photography: Michael Stephan
  • Corian Seating
  • Drawers
  • Benchtop

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