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Angie Fowler Cancer Institute


Teen cancer survivor Danielle shares her inspirational story with Corian® Design at UH Rainbow’s Angie Fowler Adolescent & Young Adult Cancer Institute. Corian® in creating a safe and calming space has according to Dr John Letterio, Angie Fowler Cancer Institute, promoted emotional wellbeing assisting teenagers like Danielle in their recovery.


The Angie Fowler Cancer Institute demonstrates why Corian® Solid Surface is the multi-purpose surface material of choice for healthcare and laboratory applications.  Their different model of care required an innovative and patient-centred design that explored how Corian® could be formed and used as a journey of light and healing.

The projects aim was to create functional yet non-hospital like lighting and treatment areas that were calming, reassuring and even entertaining. Creating elevated spaces utilising materials that not only radiated physical lightness, but also had the ability to glow and become translucent was the challenge. For SBS architect Brian Peterka and the team of  fabricators and contractors, there was no other real choice but DuPont™ Corian® as he said, “we could form it and float it”.

Reception Area & Welcome Wall

The ‘Journey of Light’ begins on the eighth floor. The rounded desk is made of solid Corian® Antarctica, which is soft white textured, with large stark white particles. A 60-foot long curved Welcome Wall made of translucent smooth white Corian® Glacier Ice is illuminated from within with ever-changing neon colours.

Teen Lounge

Corian® Antarctica with its pebbly grain is used throughout the space on all the counter surfaces while Corian® Glacier Ice is the smooth white material used for the floating ceiling light discs.

Interactive Touch Screen Wall

The interactive touch screen wall for playing games and watching movies. Made entirely of Corian® Glacier Ice and Glacier White, showcasing how the materials can be formed into virtually any shape or design through thermoforming and routing.

Grant’s Place and Common areas 

At one end of the lounge is a circular glass room, called Grant’s Place, which can be closed off for privacy. The custom overhead light fixture is also made of  Corian®  Glacier Ice.

Soft textured Corian® Antarctica and Corian® Glacier White is also used throughout the common areas.  To prevent the spread of infection, nonporous Corian® solid surface was the ideal choice for these high traffic / high touch areas – not only easy to clean but easy to maintain.

Hospital designers were pleased with both the colour selection and abilities Corian® offered in this rewarding project. Tom Gergye of Custom Fabricators spearheaded the millwork and Brian Hudock of Cameo Countertops was the key fabricator who as a team exceeded the expectations of using DuPont Corian® as not only a solid, but translucent surface material.



Project Details

Design By: Stanley Beaman & Sears
Builder: Mid-Continent Construction
Fabrication: Custom Fabricators & Cameo Countertops
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