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13 Oct 2022

6 Series Corian Washplanes

We are pleased to be extending our washplane range with the new 6 series washplanes. Pre-designed in 2 and 3 person options, these new sleek lineal Corian® washplanes have been designed with compatibility and convenience in mind. They can be used with a multitude of tapware.

Corian® washplanes for public bathrooms are popular for good reason. By including Corian® in your design, not only are you selecting a product that is fit for purpose, but you are also providing your client with an investment for the long run. Corian® is backed by a 10 year installed warranty, is hard wearing and low maintenance. Corian® can be designed in such a way that it will fit within any budget and will look good for many years to come.

Why Corian® for Public Bathrooms:

Hygienic and easy to clean

Corian® is non-porous which means no bacteria, mould, germs or viruses can harbour in the material. Stains are never permanent with Corian®. Being a non-porous material, Corian® is easily cleaned with soapy water and a damp cloth. For a more vigorous clean, a mild abrasive cleanser such as gumption and a soft cloth or blue scotchbrite pad can be used.

Repairable and renewable

Should accidental damage occur to a Corian® surface, all but the most severe damage can be repaired on site. Corian® can also be renewed at any time, bringing the surface back to it’s original finish.

Adaptable to any design

Corian® can be cut, joined and thermoformed in to most any shape or design. The only limit is your imagination.  Be inspired by a range of designs from various applications in our Gallery.

Wide range of colour options to suit your scheme

Boasting a colour palette of over 80 finishes, you are sure to find a colour to suit your design scheme. Discover the range of colours.

Zero Silica

Corian® is made from a unique blend of natural minerals and acrylic binder. This formulation contains zero silica and as such provides no risk of silica exposure when working at the fabrication level or during installation on building sites.


If you’d like to check out the range of pre-designed washplanes, see our product range here. To find out more about any of CASF’s design solutions, contact our friendly team today.