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The Beacon, Faith and Liberty Discovery Centre

Design studio Local Projects in collaboration with Jacobs Wyper Architects has created an interactive museum for the American Bible Society, which aims to present itself as a “beacon of light” along Philadelphia’s Independence Mall.

The New York design studio is known for connecting people to cultural institutions through meaningful interactions. It was produced by New York’s Urban Arts Projects in partnership with Philadelphia’s FKB studio, which fabricated the entire Corian® sculpture in-house.

The helix-style Corian® sculpture stands at over 4 stories high and is made up of three pillars, spiraling up through the inside of the building and extends beyond the roof, making it visible from the exterior.  Lights illuminate the sculpture from below, emphasising its lattice-patterned surface. The studio describes it as a “beacon of light” that turns the building into a landmark.

Corian® was chosen for it’s ability to be seamlessly joined and thermoformed with a durable, satin finish which helped create the Beacon’s signature design.

At the center of the Beacon’s three strands is a large opening called the oculus, which allows natural light to pour down onto guests as they stand in the middle of the sculpture and look up at the sky. The sculpture has already become a favorite selfie spot for guests to the Faith and Liberty Discovery Center.

Three words, “Liberty”, “Justice” and “Faith” are engraved into the floor around the twisting Corian® sculpture that represent the concept of the exhibition, and are intended as a nod to the area’s history.



Project Details

Design By: Local Projects in conjunction with Jacobs Wyper Architects
Fabrication: FKB studio

CORIAN® Colours


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