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Sculpting Spaces: The Innovative Design Journey of KPMG Parramatta’s New Workplace

Located in Parramatta Square, KPMG’s new workplace, designed by KAV Kreative, showcases creativity, culture, and connection. This commercial project, captured through the lens of photographer Nicole England, is a celebration of sculptural design, indigenous influences, and the versatile application of Corian® Solid Surface.

Spanning two floors, KPMG’s new workplace is more than just an office space. It is a thoughtful curation that embraces the connection between people and place, embodying the essence of culture and social connection. The design draws inspiration from the land, sea, and sky, evident in its sculptural elements, soft materials, and the infusion of natural light.

Corian® was a key element in achieving a sculptural look for the KPMG Parramatta Concierge counter. It complimented the multiple timber layers that represent the many sculptural and beautiful forms of the land.

The sculptural elements, particularly the application of Corian®, played a pivotal role in conveying the design narrative. Corian® brought a floating-like effect and a cloud-like appearance to the front-of-house concierge counter, marrying aesthetics with functionality.

The success of this project lies in its ability to celebrate the rich Parramatta culture and the land it resides on. Through the incorporation of indigenous graphics, vibrant colors, and soft sculptural forms, KAV Kreative has crafted a space that resonates with its people and environment.



Project Details

Design By: KAV Kreative
Joiner: Civardi Furniture Pty Ltd
Fabrication: SCF Interiors
Photography: Nicole England Photography
  • Reception Counter

CORIAN® Colours


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