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Santos Place

This project involved a significant planning and finishes upgrade to the existing lobby at Santos Place in central Brisbane, QLD. Works included new entrances, and entrance canopy, relocation of the concierge desk, creation of breakout spaces and library as well as new digital signage and art.

Corian® provided the flexibility to create the large scale architectural forms to realise the design intent. The 4.75m high, twisted blades for the concierge feature wall combined with the prestige gold satin rimes cladding to the perimeter created a striking juxtaposition and when combined with subtle concealed lighting has created a centerpiece for the lobby. The Valente Grigio finish was continued in the concierge desk, and library art panels and high bench to compliment the interior architecture of the main concierge feature wall.

The unique design elements included the twisting of the concierge wall blades to create a diagonally folded wall. this facilitated the upwash wall lighting to highlight the folded elements and highlight the inherent patternation of the Corian® blades.

The key learning from this project was detailing specifically the folding of the Corian® blades which was complicated and the requirement for a specialist Corian® Fabricator (Inform Tops) was required.

The project has received extremely positive feedback, with the Corian® elements bringing a light and uplifting feel and experience for the users. The feature wall draws interest from the exterior of the building and identifies the building from the street edge.

Project Details

Design By: Steve Johnson of A+ Design Group
Joiner: Mayneline Joinery in colloboration with Inform Tops
Fabrication: Inform Tops
Photography: Shea Brown of RAW Exposed Photography
  • Reception Counter
  • Decorative Wall Panelling

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