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Queen Mary University Restrooms

Corian® Washplanes designed with the Dyson Airblade™ hand dryer has been installed at the Queen Mary University in London. Specified to improve the wellbeing and hygiene of student surroundings, it was also felt a contemporary design environment would contribute positively to the overall learning experience.

The University bathrooms are high traffic areas, and Corian® surfaces provided hygienic properties, durability and the ability to easily keep these busy areas well maintained.

The Corian® all-in-one Washplane designed with the Dyson Airblade™ Tap hand dryer puts washing and drying in one streamlined position, and avoids the usual experience of students and visitors dripping water across the floor to the paper towel dispenser or hand dryer.

Having the ability to wash and dry hands in one place also reduces the cross over traffic in the bathrooms, resulting in a cleaner, drier and safer floor. The Airblade™ technology removes the need for wasteful paper towels, contributing to the University’s carbon reduction target, which is extremely important to both students and the University.

By integrating the Dyson Airblade™ Tap hand dryer onto Corian® Washplanes, hygiene standards of Queen Mary University have been improved. The Airblade™ Tap takes 12 seconds to dry a pair of hands and there are no taps to turn or buttons to touch. Intelligent infrared sensors emit light to pinpoint hand positions and sophisticated circuitry initiates the appropriate response of water or air immediately, reducing time and energy used in the bathroom.

Corian® is a completely non-porous surface and is fused together to create seamless joins to create a one piece washplane design.  Using this same joining technology you can integrate Corian® splash backs seamlessly.  This means there is no need for grout between the joins, eliminating moisture penetration and the growth of mould. The Corian® surface is a non-toxic material so won’t emit harmful gases, which is an important factor in educational facilities.

The Corian® washplanes create an elegant and functional design, combined with the advanced technology of the Dyson Airblade™ hand dryer goes hand-in-hand with the University’s premium and innovative reputation.

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