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Monte Sant’ Angelo Mercy College Bathroom Facilities Upgrade

Australia’s Best Bathroom Competition 2018


The Bathroom facilities  upgrade at the Monte Sant’ Angelo Mercy College demonstrated that the collaboration of renowned iconic brand Corian®, devised a solution that is a perfect balance between style, functionality and creativity. The bathroom exhibited qualities that exceeded the judging criteria.  “We evaluate bathrooms on design, innovation, aesthetics and products and services that improve the wellbeing for everyone,” explained Total Facilities’ Event Manager, Andrew Lawson.  “This competition profiled some of the most progressive organisations which are at the forefront of bathroom experiences”.

Hygienic and Sustainable

The bathroom at Monte Sant’ Angelo Mercy College is simple, yet elegant and unlike a traditional student amenities block. These bathrooms are fitted with the latest sanitary technologies, catering for the amount of time students spend at school – ensuring a hygienic environment.

Clever, Unique, Strong
State-of -the-art

Corian® is made by DuPont™ which is a clever, unique blend of natural materials, pigments and acrylic resin. Each basin & washplane is manufactured from solid Corian® sheets and due to the nature of the material, these basins can be seamlessly integrated into Corian® bathroom surfaces, creating perfect facilities that are strong, beautiful and hygienic.

Pure, Seamless and Elegant Forms

The pure, elegant forms of Corian® washplanes establish a beautiful solution for public bathrooms – like the one at Mont Sant’ Angelo Mercy College. This range of products manufactured by Corian® have been deliberately designed to work seamlessly with the wall and short step Dyson Airblade™ Taps, enhancing each products’ features to the fullest extent in the most ideal scenarios.  Corian® Washplanes  reduce maintenance costs because of how easy and efficient it is to care for the original solid surface material.

Corian® Stellar Design Performance

Each year, the Best Bathroom Facility competition is open to public and private entrants, from a range of sectors including – but not limited to – commercial buildings, recreational grounds or shopping centres. But it’s only projects like Monte Sant’ Angelo Mercy College, that exhibit stellar incorporations of the competitions criteria that are commended, proving that they have gone above and beyond with the design instead of just focusing on cleanliness.

Project Details

Design By: Gran Associates Australia
Builder: Blue Group Projects
  • Washplane
  • Benchtop

CORIAN® Colours


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