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IUVENTU Clinic, Brussels, Belgium

The quest to turn back time and recapture one’s youthful appearance has become a popular pursuit in recent years thanks to the introduction of cutting-edge treatments in the fields of anti-aging and aesthetic medicine. Practitioners are now eager to match their success making older patients look fresh-faced with revamped interior spaces that project a pristine atmosphere. Case in point is the IUVENTU Clinic in Brussels, where the Alomar Design Studio stepped in to rejuvenate the aesthetic centre’s reception area by installing Corian® Solid Surface.

Located off the prestigious Avenue Louise and in close proximity to the boutiques of many high-end fashion brands, the clinic’s director, Dr. Haidar Cooremans, was in need of a redesign for the beauty treatment centre’s entrance. The aim was to project a space in line with the cutting-edge procedures utilised at the clinic to revitalise patients’ skin.

For the 40-sqm space, which is composed of a waiting room and reception desk, interior designer Feras Alomar employed Corian® Solid Surface throughout, covering the floor, walls, desk, sliding doors and storage units in the advanced material. “The idea was to convey an interior that reminded clients of perfect skin and Corian® Solid Surface was well suited for the task given its clean appearance,” says Alomar, who divides his time between Brussels and London working on commissions that include interior design, graphic design and several innovations.

To call to mind youthful, glowing skin, Alomar relied on the Glacier White and Glacier Ice colours from Corian® Solid Surface, with its pure, uncontaminated coloration. Alomar took advantage of the material’s extraordinary formability to fashion various shapes to surprise visitors and re-imagine the waiting room concept. “I wanted a dramatic effect for this space and using the same colour we are able to create a continuous, flowing space that seems endless. It feels very sculptural, as if the interior has been crafted from a single stone. That is the benefit of using Corian® Solid Surface.”

Greeting patrons at the door is a corner column that has its surface peeled back as it rises to the ceiling. “Here, the concept is to signal directly the layers of skin we have on our body and how the clinic is aiming to rejuvenate the epidermis.”

To break up the monotony of an all-white, minimalist interior, Alomar’s design called for a 3-cm deep channel to be inserted into panels of Corian® Solid Surface to make room for LED lighting modules. These narrow lighting strips punctuate the walls, ceiling and floor. The receptionist may alter the colour scheme to create different moods during the day – the modules are able to reproduce hundreds of different hues on command. “I wanted these lines to spread out and remind people of growing vines and call to mind the idea of regeneration.”

To contrast the slim, glowing lighting, the designer embedded two wider horizontal bands of LED light fixtures into the wall below a 6-metre flowing shelf. At one end of the shelving unit, Alomar Designed a detachable unit with 6 cylindrical tubes in Corian® Solid Surface where visitors may place their umbrellas upon entering the office.

For the flooring, which was previously done in white epoxy, Alomar knew the value of selecting Corian® Solid Surface. “The clinic has lots of daily foot traffic with patients coming in and out. This material stands up well to scratches and scuffs and is easy to maintain over time.”

The ability to transform the advanced surface material into various components allowed Alomar to envision a reception desk that is part functional, part sculptural. The 5-metre-long unit appears to merge into the floor and finishes at one end in a curving flourish. Despite its slim features, the design makes room for electrical cables and fibre optics beneath the countertop.

Project Details

Design By: ALOMAR Design Studio
Fabrication: Modeco
  • Decorative Flooring
  • Benchtop
  • Decorative Wall Cladding

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