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Cove Kitchen by Zaha Hadid Design

Featuring Corian® Solid Surface
Winner of Elle Deco International Design Award 2018

Kitchen and bath manufacturer Boffi has released the Cove kitchen by Zaha Hadid Design, which is the 2018 recipient of the prestigious ELLE Deco International Design Award (EDIDA) in the kitchen category. “The collaboration started almost three years ago,” explains Boffi CEO Davide Cremese. “When working with talented people like the designers of ZHA, challenges are fundamental elements of conversations. There was a great amount of creativity that was brought to the table where we, as manufacturers, had to mix engineering evaluations, ideas, solutions, exploration, and the testing of materials in order to translate Zaha’s style and make sure that it was a reflection of both brand identities. Ultimately, we worked extremely well in exploring real solutions to conceptual designs, and the cohesion of the two teams allowed for us to achieve something buildable that had quality, charm, and durability.” Keller (2017).  Cove is formed into a single island, comprising a sink, stovetop, and  drawers, all seamlessly incorporated into the white high performing Corian® solid surface.

Migration of Shapes

Boffi internationally renowned Italian kitchen manufacturer and architecture and design studio Zaha Hadid Design collaborated on a special kitchen project, the result is as stunning as anyone could imagine. Cove is a design to experience new cultures, luxuriant and cosmopolitan this kitchen brings the flow of geometric lines to every place and context.

Geometry and Perfect Harmony

“The curve of the peninsula that creates a cove effect for breakfast stools is the most significant design aspect in terms of Zaha’s style,” explains Davide Cremese, Boffi CEO. Keller (2017).
Rounded lines reveal an ingenuous cut-out on one side, an organic curve of the island, creating a cove effect that provides a welcoming place to sit.

Corian® an Indicator of Style

Inspired by contemporary living, Cove kitchen is created for the Boffi collection as a multifunctional structure entirely made of pristine white Corian® housing clever cooking and washing areas as well as a sitting zone. Consideration is provided in every aspect of function and movement which proliferates this unique structure. Intuitive functionality evolves from a refined approach to a sophisticated, sculptural and charismatic monobloc kitchen.

Solid Corian® Functionality

The innovative freestanding Cove kitchen island, embodies the iconic signature of Zaha Hadid, purposely tailored with high performance white Corian® design solid surface. The versatility of Corian® and the limitless possibilities it offers to creativity throughout the world, makes it the sought after solution for sculpting the finest kitchen designs.

Corian® an expressive contemporary design surface

Corian® is one of the most expressive contemporary design surface materials, enabling this remarkable kitchen model of the Boffi collection to showcase Zaha Hadid Design’s architectural language with sophistication and grace.

Thermoforming, non-porous and anti-bacterial

Seamless and monolithic looking Cove conveys superior thermoforming characteristics and the inherent beauty of Corian® creates perfect harmony. Sensorial qualities of Corian® further enhance the Cove kitchen experience due to its smooth surface and silky feel. Corian® surface is also non-porous with anti-bacterial properties making it very hygienic and easy to maintain in everyday use.

Highly resistant and easy to maintain

Cove combines extraordinary detailing and design with functionality through carefully chosen white highly resistant Corian® solid surface material, wood and traditional craftsmanship. Cove integrates the simplicity of lines of Boffi products while gently expressing Zaha Hadid Architects’ recognisable curves.

A Distinctive Signature

Cove Kitchen’s linear style emerges from first sight, the lines are enveloping they demarcate curves and edges but do not break the continuous symbol of the monobloc.


Keller, H 2017, Boffi Releases Kitchen by Zaha Hadid Design The Cove model
brings the late architect’s signature style to the kitchen, viewed 22 May 2018,

Project Details

Design By: Zaha Hadid Design
Fabrication: Boffi
Photography: Tommaso Sartori
  • Integrated Sink
  • Benchtop

CORIAN® Colours


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