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Cataldo Hair Salon, Canberra

One of  Australia’s leading salons, is a legacy Cataldo preserves effortlessly with its new look salon recently opened in Canberra. Creating an opulent ambience to rival any cosmopolitan city in the world with furnishings hand-selected in Italy from salon furnishings the Maletti Group, while countertops and wireless charging surfaces were selected from global solid surface leader Corian®.

The finest aspects of the salon aim to reinvent the salon experience while eliciting an environment of creativity.

Workspaces can transform to become a social hub in the centre of the salon while client’s colour processes or to make room for educational experiences for team members.

In salons countertops are used extensively and quite susceptible to wear and staining, with Corian® hardwearing attributes there is no need to replace them regularly.  Corian® is non-porous, durable and highly resistant to stains, making it the perfect solution for this space.

An important consideration was to develop an environment with a clean and inviting elegance. Corian® was the solid surface chosen as the optimal material, blending in perfectly with the space as a whole.

The unique Corian® Wireless Charging Surface replaces messy cables and unattractive power points to create a durable user-friendly client and work area.  Free Wi-Fi and Corian® charging countertops for smart devices are built into every station exuding convenience for Cataldo’s clients in a high-tech device world.

Fully concealed charging transmitters, allow clients to now charge their mobile devices simply by placing them onto the  smooth, seamless Corian® surface.  Charging stops once the device reaches maximum battery capacity, and the surface offers all the durability, ease of maintenance, and design versatility with which the Corian® name has become synonymous.

A fully stocked and integrated bar provides a welcoming social culture for customers, while the secluded basin-area featuring shampoo lounges evoke calm and tranquility.

The perfect combination of materials has played a key role in developing this space. In particular, thanks to its uniform surface with no visible seams and excellent hygienic properties, it was possible to adapt Corian® to the needs and meet the demands of Cataldo Salon, without having to sacrifice any part of its elegant and welcoming characteristics.

Designers required a clever material that was versatile and graceful to give the project life, with exceptional hygienic properties, and that would combine harmoniously with other materials like concrete and glass. Corian® countertops in Designer White, were ideal thanks to the infinite design capabilities offered, among other reasons. The result is a luxurious, comfortable retreat where clients can totally relax in a pleasant space  while receiving their hair treatments.

Project Details

Design By: Dominic Maiuto, Oztal Architects
Builder: Frank Masciulli, Designwise
Fabrication: Capital Benchtops
Photography: Kiernan May
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