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Atmosphere Gym

Alicia Xiberras Interiors recently completed design works for the reception and change room facilities at Atmosphere Signature, Napean River. The health and fitness centre is designed to be unlike anything ever experienced before, with world-class facilities, technologies and innovations throughout the club. The use of Corian® for the gym reception counter, bathroom vanities and foyer bench tops allows each area to connect, achieving a coherent and connected final space. In achieving Atmosphere’s vision to redefine the health and fitness industry, Corian® acts as the perfect medium to bring the client’s brand to life through texture, form and innovation.

Corian® was chosen for this design as it enabled a completely bespoke design solution for the client, which looked seamless and offered complete flexibility in bringing the brand to life through the interior. In the reception area, Corian® Carbon Aggregate enabled Alicia and the team to design a feature reception desk with curved surfaces and an organic shape. In contrast to the angular and bold nature of Atmopshere’s branding, an inviting and impactful entrance to the space is created.

In the bathroom spaces, Corian® acts as the perfect medium in the vanity and bench top spaces. Not only is Corian® perfect for high-use bathroom applications, but the material has also allowed basins to be integrated into the vanity benchtops. This application creates a seamless aesthetic, void of unsightly silicone joins, staining or mould build up. Corian®  Solid Surfaces are durable, easy to clean and last the test of time. As a result, clients at Atmosphere Signature are treated to a luxury gym experience where Corian® offers a human-centred design solution.

In the design of the change rooms at Atmosphere Signature, Alicia Xiberras Interiors aimed to create juxtaposition in the colour and materiality palettes between the male and female spaces. The female change rooms offer a light and bright experience whereas the male change rooms present a moodier and more masculine edge. Differing Corian® selections were imperative in creating this juxtaposition between both spaces, but still creating an overall design which is coherent, consistent and textural.

Through the design process for Atmosphere Signature, AXI explored the ways in which Corian® can facilitate technology and innovation into any interior, creating a brilliant, seamless and human-centred design experience. The integration of the Corian® Wireless Charging Transmitters into surfaces throughout the club has enabled Atmosphere to truly redefine standards in the health and fitness industry. The experience of being able to charge a device in between classes or whilst using bathroom facilities creates an experience that’s almost “other-worldly” for Atmosphere clientele. “In an era where innovation and technology is at the forefront of design thinking techniques, the integration of Corian® products has enabled AXI to grow as designers and consider ways in which we can elevate our own design work to 21st-century standards.”

“The completed Atmosphere Signature gym has exceeded our client’s expectations, representing sophistication, luxury and timelessness. The Limestone Prima and Carbon Aggregate Corian products have enabled us to create a custom design solution for our client, which places their brand vision, mission and the needs of their clients at the forefront.” said Alicia Xiberras.

Project Details

Design By: Alicia Xiberras and Rosa Sayeed of Alicia Xiberras Interiors
  • Washplane
  • Wireless Charging Surface
  • Benchtop

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