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AMA, Perth

This project saw an ageing workspace interior transformed from an underutilised and inefficient space into a state of the art training facility for AMAWA staff and board members. A new staff breakout introduced a new social element to the business, whilst purpose built training rooms (including virtual broadcasting rooms), ensure relevance and flexibility for the business today and into the future.

“Corian® was chosen for this project for its aesthetic and seamless capabilities. Often used within medical facilities because of its increased cleanliness due to its seamless capabilities. We felt it was important to draw influence from all parts of our clients profession; as such we wanted to use the material for familiarity. This is most evident in the seamless vanity unit tops and sink in the refurbished amenities.” says Simon.

The flexibility of Corian® to flow around curves without facets offers softened lines which are often within linear spaces. The organic appeal of this aesthetic combined with the fluid texture added the desired warmth in conjunction with the custom carpet to this sophisticated space.

The main training space incorporated three 85″ TV screens and two 95″ screens to ensure maximum flexibility of the space whether its operable wall was open or closed. In order for the room(s) to function correctly two of the screens needed to be located in front of the windows to the north of the space. This contradicts JUO’s company ethos to maximise access to natural light; however in this instance it could not be avoided. In order to execute the intent successfully, Simon and the team identified that a strong aesthetic was required. Therefore they designed a floating blade wall and selected Corian® Cosmos Prima as a cladding around the TV Screens, offset against a light coloured sheer curtain to diffuse the northern light. The outcome is aesthetically striking yet totally functional.

The completed project is sophisticated and textural. The Grey Onyx used on the reception desk and vanity units was carefully selected, as both this locations are high impact to users of the space; both physically and visually. The light colour of the material is resilient to the visual detraction of scratching, the seamless joints are cleaner, and the organic movement within the pattern of the material hints to nature and the strength of stone. These are all relevant qualities to the clients industry. The Cosmos Prima was also carefully selected. Its appearance of natural stone, and dark colour not only added further textural warmth to the palate, but it reduced the visual contrast of the large TV screens in its application as wall cladding. In the staff breakout and tea-preps it is much more practical than stone in terms of maintenance which will add longevity to the project.

Project Details

Design By: Simon Jacobs, JUO
Joiner: Dawn Express
Fabrication: Rolling Stone Marble & Granite
Photography: Evolve Design
  • Integrated Basin
  • Decorative Cladding
  • Benchtop
  • Benchtop
  • Decorative Cladding

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