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08 Feb 2021

Corian® Solid Surface Transforms Perth Children’s Hospital’s Colourful Cafe

CASF was thrilled to participate in this project at the Perth Children’s Hospital. The Little Lion Cafe was created as a result of the teamwork of the fundraising section of the Perth Children’s Hospital (PCHF) and Bellfort.

The project

Bellfort acted as the interior design team for this project; they are licensed builders with a team of highly skilled professionals catering to all commercial sectors in Perth. Like us, Bellfort enjoys challenges and accommodates where possible for timing and budget constraints. They strive to think outside the box, creating fascinating interiors for all businesses.

Working with the PCHF, they expressed the need for a sanctuary for sick children and their parents. Constantly being in a busy hospital can be overwhelming and difficult. This cafe was their place to take some time out. The jungle-like theme stemmed from the cafe’s name, ‘Little Lion’ – a metaphor for bravery, which sick kids seem to have an unfathomable amount of. They also highlighted the need for a durable surface that would look clean and slick whilst still completely functional, so we wanted to reflect both this courage and the desired functionality in the completed work.

Corian® applications

A variety of applications of Corian® was used to bring this project to life. The benchtop, bulkheads, counter area, decorative cladding and textured surfaces were all utilised in Glacier White (A). Due to PCHF being a fundraising foundation, the budget had to be considered very carefully. Ultimately, the chosen colour fits into pricing group A, which was a significant benefit for the PCHF. The budget constraint limited the number of trees that could be included – less than the original plans intended. Despite this, the counter and bulkheads had enough of an impact. Corian® was used cost-effectively, allowing for use throughout the entire project.

Specifically for both the health care and the hospitality sectors, Corian® is the perfect material. It is not only durable but resistant to germs and bacteria due to its hard non-pores surface; it’s also a material that is completely versatile. Corian® lends itself to being moulded into almost any shape. This malleability was demonstrated in the unique, custom design of the trees with natural and organic patterns. Corian® was the only material that wouldn’t concave with engraved shapes when it was backlit.

During the design process, it was important that the cafe as a whole was open and inviting; however, there were still little pockets for privacy. The backlighting feature allows the cafe to change through a variety of colours depending on the mood or even the time of day.

In combination with the organic custom design of the trees and durability of Corian®, we were proud to be a part of this project within the Perth Children’s Hospital. We’re always looking for new challenges and inspiration, so if you have a commercial fit-out or residential project, get in touch with one of our friendly team members at info@casf.com.au or call us on 1300 795 044.