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01 May 2021

Modern Restroom Solutions for Queen Mary University in London

To improve a high-traffic restroom in a busy university, it took the perfect combination of Corian® Washplanes and Airblade™ hand drying technology from Dyson. Here’s how a contemporary bathroom was designed with a focus on functionality and hygiene.

The project

Queen Mary’s University in London required a complete remodelling of their restroom facilities, with a focus on creating a more positive experience. In high-traffic areas, the restrooms need to be easy to clean while incorporating ways to ensure less water spillage. The key emphasis was also on maximising the available space, with long sections of the walls dedicated to hand-washing and drying.

Previously, the hand dryers were previously separated from the basins, leading to students dripping water on the floor and creating an unsafe environment. With a combination of Corian® all-in-one Washplanes and the revolutionary Dyson Airblade™ tap hand dryers, the perfect solution was discovered.

Corian® Washplanes

The ultimate in restroom space-saving technology, the all-in-one Corian® Washplane is the perfect solution for high-traffic restrooms such as Queen Mary’s University. The number of taps installed along the wall can be slightly increased without the need for individual wash basins. Importantly, the Corian® surface material used in the washplane’s manufacturing is non-porous, non-toxic and completely hygienic. Known for being naturally germ-resistant, Corian® is super-easy to clean, even in busy restrooms.

In addition, using Corian® allows for join-free installation. This means no water ingress occurs, and other contaminants such as dust and bacteria can’t build up in the gaps. With no gaps, there is also no mould, and even the waste system is easier to maintain. Water drainage is hidden, and there are no traditional drains, so the amount of debris and foreign objects reaching the waste system is drastically reduced. The water drains along a thin gap, which also eliminates the need for additional drain cleaning.

The Dyson Airblade™

Dyson has been manufacturing innovative solutions for years, over many different applications. One of the areas the brand excels is in restroom facilities, specifically hand-drying. For this project, we chose to use the Dyson Airblade™ tap hand dryer. This multi-functional product is perfect for an environment like this – where space is of the essence.

The Airblade™ is a thin cylinder on the side of the tap that provides powerful air drying. It only takes about 12 seconds to dry hands and is also completely contactless, thanks to infrared sensors. In fact, sophisticated technology uses these sensors to determine whether water or air is required, based on hand position.

Not only do these tap hand dryers look great, but they eliminate the need to drip water all over the floor when moving from the sink to the hand dryer. Everything is done over the washplane, again improving cleaning and maintenance requirements for the restroom.

Find out more

Do you have high-traffic restrooms that could do with an overhaul? To remove the need for wasteful hand towels, improve hygiene and cleanliness and create a more welcoming environment for students, contact the team at CASF today. We can design and install a range of customised products to improve the function of any restroom, whether it’s a staff bathroom in a small retail store or a large university campus. Contact us today and find out how we can help.